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Italy very close to Russia. New flight connections in 2017

Russians generally love Italy and everything Italian. They are very attracted by the Italian life attitude: fashion victims, food and wine lovers, football passionates, great singers ….

From the North of Italy to the South, you will have thousands of possibility to enjoy amazing beaches, delicious gastronomy, mild climate, luxury shopping and so much fun…

Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Amalfi coast, Sardinia are just some of the famous Italian cities with direct connections to Moscow and/or St Petersburg.

Let’s start with Sicily, the mythical island of light in the south of Italy.

Between East and West, Africa and Europe, the gorgeous island of Sicily is a linchpin of Mediterranean culture and one of Europe‘s most alluring destinations.

Great temples, amazing mosaics, enchanting baroque monuments, all these represent only a part of the extraordinary cultural heritage of this area.  From the high peak of Etna’s volcano to the spectacular white beaches, in Sicily there are to be found thousands of different landscapes that have the power to leave people breathless and exhilarated.

Discover how many possibilities to fly directly to Catania and Palermo.

Moscow, Saint Petersburg by Alitalia and S7 Airlines; Ekaterinburg by Ural Airlines are the principal hubs connected to Sicily.

Have a look to the flight time tables and write us if you have any request to Sicily and/or around Italy.



irline Company Route Departure Day Departure Time Arrival Time Flight Period
ALITALIA \ AZ562 Palermo – Moscow/Sheremetevo Friday 22:50 03:50+1*  



From March 31st to October 21st

ALITALIA \ AZ563 Moscow/Sheremetevo – Palermo Saturday 04:40 07:50
ALITALIA \ AZ542 Catania -Moscow/Sheremetevo Friday 22:50 03:55 +1*
ALITALIA \ AZ543 Moscow/Sheremetevo – Catania Saturday 04:45 08:00
ALITALIA \ AZ Catania- Saint Petersburg Sunday 22:50 03:55 +1*  

From June 4th – still to define the end date

ALITALIA \ AZ Saint Petersburg- Catania Sunday 04:25 07:30
S7 Airlines \ S7 683 Moscow/ Domodedovo – Catania Thursday 08:00 11:10  

From April 27th to October 26th

S7 Airlines \ S7 684 Catania -Moscow/Domodedovo Thursday 12:05 17:10
S7 Airlines \S7 683 Moscow – Catania Sunday 08:00 11:10  

From April 30th to Ocotber 22nd

S7 Airlines \S7 684 Catania – Moscow Sunday 12:05 17:10
S7 Airlines \ S7 683 Moscow – Catania Tuesday 07:50 11:00  

From June 6th to October 24th

S7 Airlines \ S7 684 Catania – Moscow Tuesday 12:00 17:05
Ural Airlines \ U883 Ekaterinburg – Catania Sunday  

From May 28th to October 1st – still to define time

Ural Airlines \ U884 Catania – Ekaterinburg Sunday